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We encourage building a solid foundation in educating people about their health, livelihood and community for a more fulfilled and stable future


Livelihood & Well-being Seminars

We promote education and financial literacy in all communities making everyone knowledgeable of their ecosystem. Through online seminars, we promote livelihood opportunities in which all communities can participate thereby empowering individuals. We are empowering every individual to contribute meaningfully to the society. 

University Communities

We believe that the youth is the future of the nation and we are motivated to fully support them for the welfare of the country's success. Through offering Student Protection Programs in partnership with high schools and universities, nothing can hinder or impact the education of every student regardless of any unfortunate circumstances that may occur on his or her family.

Online Education

We value the importance of technology in cultivating the knowledge of today's society and are using this as an asset to provide easier access to education for all. With various educational material using online platforms, we are extending our hand to various community sectors offering a straightforward availability of information that will help them cultivate their well-being, enhance earnings and promote financial independence.

KMB Goes to Campus
KMB Goes
to Campus

A KMB initiative to provide opportunities for continuous education to all students in the event of unfortunate circumstances.

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Protection coverage for students to be assured of their continuous studies even when unfortunate circumstances within their family occur.

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Enjoy mastering your English language skill in the easiest way possible

Student Protection Program
Arisan Club
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